The beauty of the people, their hearts, and their country, always inspires us.

To love our neighbors as ourselves is always a shared blessing! 

Our Peace Church Haiti Mission Team is sponsoring a fund-raising effort called “Haitian Home”.  We are offering the opportunity for church member participation to help fund a new home project for a Haitian family in the city of Mirebalais. We will only be sending whatever is collected.   This Haitian Home fundraiser is for the family of a young man that our Haiti clean water mission team has worked with for the past 5 plus years. Their current home and its living conditions are some of the worst we have ever seen.  The roof is mostly made up of rough lumber, some sheets of corrugated tin and some tarps.  We brought them a used tarp this past January, which was almost immediately put to use on the roof, as they have water leaks into their house everywhere.  Plumbing in the house is nonexistent and electricity (when power is on) is limited to a couple of light bulbs in crude lamp sockets.

In the past 6 months, his parents have begun the construction of a new home on their small city property adjacent to their existing house.  The house will eventually have two rooms on the first floor and two rooms on the 2nd floor, as funds become available. 

Below is a proposal to assist the partner family house project:

  • Target Financial goal - $5,000.00 or whatever amount is donated.

  • 100% of all donations will go toward funding material purchases (concrete block, concrete, doors, tile for floors, etc.) and to pay those who will do the construction.

  • The fund raiser will run from May 1 – May 31.  Donations can be made to Peace Church with the note “HAITIAN HOME” in the comment section of your check. 

  • Their existing house is not repairable – it has stone and rough mortar walls, a patchwork roof, dirt floors (muddy when it rains), cloth for doors, etc.

  • The Peace Church Haiti Mission Team is in contact on an on-going basis with Samuel – we will provide updates to our church membership on a regular basis with news and photos of house construction progress being made with our funding help.

Thanks for considering this fundraiser request.   Our support of this mission in Haiti will be something that will endure for generations of the family.  What a wonderful ministry this could begin if, in the future, we find it in our hearts to support another needy family in Haiti or elsewhere in the world.

Donations through May 19th = $3,500.00

January 13th - 20th, 2019, 3 of our members joined with others for a week in Haiti working to help provide water-filter buckets to our neighbors in the poorest country in our hemisphere. January 26th another member of the congregation joined a group for nearly two weeks, helping to provide people with eyeglasses. This second trip was cut short due to the unrest. These trips were organized through Ventures in People.