Cathy Stern


Eric Walker

Vice President of the Congregation

Roger Lindgren


Bill Stangl

Choir Director

Margaret McFadden

Organist and Choir Director

Sherry McElhatton

Organist and Children's Choir Director

Dan Rundquist


Pastor Bob Blackburn

Visitation Minister

Eric Ogi

Member in Discernment/Fall 2016

Member in Discernment — UCC at Harvard Divinity School

Eric is beginning his third year of Divinity School at Harvard after completing his Clinical Pastoral Experience as a chaplain in Madison, WI, summer of 2016. Following completion of his coursework in Sprint 2017, Eric will present his ordination paper to the Committee on Church and Ministry for the SE Association of the Wisconsin Conference UCC, who may recommend Eric to an Ecclesiastical Council with the Association and eventually for Ordination, pending a call in the United Church of Christ.